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3 essential Telegram travel channels for frequent flyers.


As a frequent flyer and a self-proclaimed travel aficionado, I am constantly looking for ways to make my travel planning easier.

Today, I'm here to share with you my top three essential Telegram travel channels for all you jet-setting enthusiasts out there. These channels have become my trusty companions in discovering hidden gems, snagging incredible deals, and even indulging in a little armchair traveling when I can't physically be on the road.

1: For hotel promotions, and tonnes of bonus points. is a highly acclaimed blog that focuses on hotel promotions and provides valuable insights into hotel loyalty programs. It has become incredibly popular due to its addictive content and wealth of information on loyalty programs, points, miles, promotions, elite status, and upgrades.

Personally, I rely heavily on MilesCop to optimize the number of points I earn during my travels, particularly when it comes to hotel stays.

MilesCop has now introduced a new Telegram travel channel that you can join here.

This channel simplifies staying up-to-date with the dynamic landscape of loyalty programs and ensures you never miss out on important updates.

2: For events in Singapore.

SG Weekend Channel is a Telegram channel that provides information about events, activities, and attractions in Singapore. Whether you are a local resident or a traveler visiting the city, this channel can be very useful to stay updated on what's happening in Singapore over the weekend.

They provide regular updates on upcoming concerts, festivals, exhibitions, markets, sports events, and other interesting happenings.

It helps you stay connected with the vibrant cultural scene and diverse entertainment options of Singapore.

3: For Armchair Traveling

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or simply have a passion for exploring different parts of the world, Planet Earth is the perfect Telegram channel for you. With its collection of stunning travel pictures from all corners of the globe, this channel offers a virtual escape to some of the most beautiful destinations on our planet.

The best part about Planet Earth is that all the images shared are contributed by users. This means you get to see real experiences and unique perspectives from fellow travelers. The channel never gets boring because there's always something new and exciting to discover.

4. For Airfares

This one is not a channel but a bot. AirTrack Bot is a helpful tool for getting airfare information through Telegram. It allows users to share their travel segments with the bot, and in response, it provides airfare details for the specified route.

This bot simplifies the process of finding airfares by utilizing Telegram's messaging platform.

So there you have it, my dear fellow frequent flyers – my top three essential Telegram travel channels, and a bot, that have become my go-to resources for all things wanderlust-related.

Whether you're seeking inspiration, hunting for deals, or just looking to satisfy your inner traveler, these channels can be very helpful.